To create a different experience, each room has its own unique interior design. No more bored hotel room please...

Coco Tree

‘Lie down under the Coco Tree feel the sky and smell the sea’

Walnut Tree

‘Will bring you to the Rough and Edgy Industrial Age’

Oak Tree

‘Sleep under the Oak Tree and dream the glory of the past’

Olive Tree

‘Take wisdoms from the old Olive tree, Reduce, Reuse,Recycle’


‘Bonne nuit, ma cherie.. and fall in love with our Chamomile Room’


‘White & sweet, The Rosemary Room will bring you back to The Countryside’


‘Clean & Sophisticated, the cranberry tree room oozes Swedish Uber cool Utilitarian design’

Popple Tree

‘She Sells sea shells on the sea shores Guess who’s hiding behind the Popple Tree’

Mulberry Tree

‘A bespoke Mulberry tree room to suit your daily dose of British funk’

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Penginapan bernama Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast House ini BAGUS BANGEEEET! Disini saya ngerasa sedang di rumah impian.
Bagi sebagain orang mungkin terasa rugi ya jauh – jauh ke Bandung cuma buat pindah tidur. Tapi menurut saya sih enggak, apalagi kalo penginapannya sekece Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House ini.
Lucu aja gitu lihatnya, instagram-able banget. Apalagi yang Mulberry Tree, temanya british-british gitu. Ah, gemes!